Faraday your choice for Low cost – Cylindrical EMI/RF Filters

Cylindrical EMI/RF filters are a passive feed through style of filter that can be utilised for Signal Line/Power Line/EMI/RFI Filtering.

Product Information:

F-PFC1 – xxxx Series EMI/RF Filters

  • Proven Insertion Loss of 100 dB from 1 MHz to 1 GHz
  • Current rating of: 5A / 10A / 20A / 32A and 50A

F-PFC2 – xxxx Series EMI/RF Filters:

  • Proven Insertion Loss of 90 dB @ 1MHz and 100 dBm from 2 MHz to 1 GHz,
  • Current rating of: 5A / 10A / 20A / 32A and 50A
  • Rated Voltage 240VAC / 100 VDC
  • Test Voltage: 2100 VDC
  • Asymmetrical measurement circuit to MIL-STD-220A
  • Measured into a 50Ω system
Filter Boxes:

The EMI/RF Filter boxes are designed and manufactured by Faraday to precise requirements for filter and terminal spacing, material gauge, and other specifications.

Safety & Reliability:
  • All Faraday EMI/RF Filters are designed for high reliability and long Service life
  • Wiring wells are used to isolate the input from output wiring
  • Filter box configuration is designed for direct installation on to a shielded Enclosure


Available in a range of sizes and filter counts to suit your exact needs.


FB06 – 6 Filter Allocation
FB10 – 10 Filter Allocation
FB12 – 12 Filter Allocation